OrionTech is a company strongly committed with development and innovation, we have passion for technology and we are excited transforming and combining it to help to solve each one of our customers specific needs.

Our portfolio includes own solutions and the ones of most important vendors of the world, generating an integrated offer with high added value, which helps you and your company to have the most effective and efficient performance.

Our Services


  •  Actively participated in multiple Changes in Control associated to ExxonMobil sellout to third parties in Argentina, Chile, Switzerland, Brazil and Germany providing consultancy services, migration work, transition and replacement applications.
  • Active participation in IFSF forums providing advisory and implementing forecourt standards for Europe industry.
  • Active participation on Industry Events: IFSF, Connexus, NACS, VeriFone.


  •  Providing processing services from Microsoft Azure processing center for Germany.
  • Processing Services for Axion Energy on Hi-Velocity Servers.
  • Processing services for Switzerland, Germany and Argentina from OrionTech servers.

Data Collection & Consolidation

OrionTech provides, to its different customers, and through the administration and management of our OTHOS product, services such as:

  • Collection of daily sales and fuel shift files.
  • Sending files of price changes for fuels.
  • Sending files of tax changes for fuels.
  • Collection of fuel tank measurements.
  • Collecting files from closures of cash recyclers.
  • Store file collection.
  • Sending Item Master Files for Stores.
  • Sending update files for cash recyclers.
  • Execution of remote scripts in the stations, for updates.

Our Products


We specialize in understanding our client’s needs. We thoroughly analyze each case specific problem and provide flexible solutions, including a wide selection of own products and from the best of IT global suppliers. OrionTech combines the “state of the art” of his technology with IT best practices.
For what? So, your business will be more profitable and efficient.

Fuel Purchase Payment (Mobile Application)

Fuel Purchase Payment

Fuel purchase payment with a private prepaid card. Application available for Android and IOS. Interaction with fuel dispatch pumps. Service station locator. Dynamic card tokens. Purchase and payment of fuel. More features.



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Unattended Payment Terminal

Unattended Payment TerminalOrionTech Unattended Payment Terminal application is installed in a pedestal on the side of the pumps. Each pedestal consists of Card Processor/CPU, Keyboard with LCD Display & Printer. Integrated with POS through open standards, End to end encryption with Payment Network and easy updates, no sensitive data in Commander controller.

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OTHOS Head Office System

OTHOS Head Office SystemPowerful solution designed to facilitate management of all Service Stations from a remote operational center.



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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence & AnalyticsIntegrated Business Intelligence solution that allows the user to control all business.

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Sites Support & Maintenance

Sites Support & MaintenanceWeb application designed to facilitate management and monitoring of Service Stations maintenance from a regional operation Center.

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Orchidea Pump Controller

Is the ideal solution for controlling fuel pumps at the service station. It interacts with different brands of fuel pumps in the market, providing full control of fuel sales.


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Fuel Reconciliation Tools

Fuel Reconciliation ToolsAllows the analysts staff to carry out detailed analysis of store and fuels sales generated at the service stations.

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Investments Scheduling System (SIPRIN)

Integrated system for programming and planning of enterprise investments.

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POS Terminals Development

Fuel sales and aisle administration module for the new iPad-based POS “Rapid RMS”. Integration with aisle controllers such as Fusion, EZTech, NexGen and Commander. EMV Pedestal and Mobile Payment Solutions working with multiple hardware.


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