Project Integration & Implementation

OrionTech have a long experience and a clear understanding related to all of the challenges and issues organizations meet when contracting/outsourcing for Software, Systems and Business/Process Integration and Improvement projects.

We are a company with an important trajectory, providing integration and implementation services, project management in many customers and countries.

Uniquely qualified to:

  • Working with users to formulate and document requirements and goals.
  • Identifying, investigating, and analyzing processes, procedures and evaluating inefficiencies and providing optimal services and solutions.
  • Develop project plans and provide resources, performance, cost and project management.
  • Taking responsibility for deploying functional solutions, such as creating, adopting and implementing system and test plans, which ensure acceptable quality and integrity of the system.
  • Creating user training and technical documentation.
  • Developing functional and technical specifications.
  • Providing a guidance and assistance in the project decision making process.
  • Generating and communicating documentation, guidelines, policies and procedures.
  • Planning and implementing the processes, procedures and operational management.
  • Troubleshooting and providing service support remote or on site.

Some of our specific services:

  • Migration and implementation Strategy definition.
  • In location rollout support.
  • Rollout acceptance criteria definition.
  • Detailed test plans.
  • Activities tracking and documentation.
  • Rollout and execution plans.