Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data or information analysis?

OTHOS BI is a suite of Business Intelligence at the service of your business.

An integrated set of analytical and visualization tools, reports, cubes and command boards will allow unraveling hidden information.


With OTHOS Business Intelligence get a lot of benefits for the generation of new opportunities, better decision marking and drastic reduction of operational costs.

A support decision toolset allows, in real time and with interactive access, to analyze and manage company critical data.

These applications provide the users a better understanding of the data allowing identifying opportunities and business problems. The users are able to access and leverage huge amounts of data and to analyze their relationships.

OTHOS BI prevents a potential loss of knowledge inside the company as a result of massive accumulation of data that is not easily readable or used without its powerful analytic tools.

  • Provide an environment for collaboration and analysis.
  • Empower users to build and manage scorecards.
  • Facilitate the users to monitor already defined action plans.
  • Help the organization to learn the hidden value of data.
  • Improve business performance and results.


Business reports: written reports are used to generate highly formatted static reports designed to a wide audience.

Analysis cube: the cubes are used to provide analytical capabilities to the business managers.

Ad Hoc Query Views and analysis: relational OLAP tools are used to allow the experts to visualize the database, see any answer and turn it out into low level transactional data.

Statistical analysis: these are tools used to carry out predictive modeling or to discover cause and effect relationship between two metrics.

Reports delivery and alerts: the reports distribution engine is used to send complete reports or notices to multiple users.

  • The tool allows carrying out analysis, reports and performance measuring.
  • It has a Dashboard component that allows fast data consolidation.
  • Easy creation of a Data warehouse, ETL processes and OLAP cubes setup.
  • Assures satisfaction possibilities of most complex reporting needs.
  • Allows proactive performance measurement at any time.