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Curacao Oil (Curoil) is located in Curacao and is part of the Petroleum & Petroleum Products Wholesalers Industry.

CUROIL Pedestal

Curoil Comfort. Fuel cost management solution

The Curoil Comfort (C2) fuel payment system is a convenient service that enables you to efficiently manage the fueling needs of your company’s car fleet, your fueling costs and increases your control on business expenditures.

Unattended Payment Terminal

OrionTech developed a payment pedestal to support payments with their Curoil Comfort (C2) fuel cards without the need of attendant intervention. Together with the EMV pedestal we developed in partnership with MCB, they can support both Credit, Debit and Fleet unattended card payments in the forecourt.

C2 Comfort Mobile Payments

Find a nearby Curoil gas station, open the Curoil Comfort Mobile app, scan the QR code at the pump, and Fill Up. C2 mobile, an implementation of our Ubipay Mobile payments solution will take care of the payment, right from your driver’s seat. It’s that simple!

Solutions implemented for your C2 CUROIL Comfort prepaid card in the countries: Curacao and Bonaire.

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Asogas (Asosashon Doñonan di Pòmp di Gasolin) is an association of gas station operators in Curacao, Dutch Caribbean.

At the beginning of 2010, Asogas incorporated the limited liability company Asogas Fuel Services B.V., with the objective of expanding the services of the affiliated gas stations. By using our fuel services, our clients can better manage their costs and improve efficiency in their operations.

Solutions for payment of fuel purchases

The ASOGAS fuel card prepaid is a convenient and simple way to purchase fuel while managing the monthly fuel costs of your company.

Mobile application to payment fuel purchases with a ASOGAS prepaid card

Use your Asogas card from without leaving the car. With Ubipay you can visit your nearest Asogas site and scan the QR code at the pump to fill your tank. And also get Funmiles points and Skenicash rewards stakes (the two leading loyalty programs in Curacao) with each fuel purchase!!!


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Go on your Google Play or Apple Store app., search for the Ubipay app and download it.

Solution implemented for your ASOGAS prepaid card in the countries: Curacao and Aruba.

Unattended Payment Terminal

Fuel UP!

Together with MCB, one of the leading banks in the region, we implemented Fuel UP! an EMV Payment Pedestal that allows to perform unattended sales with local credit and debit cards. This solution was later implemented in other oil companies in Curacao, Bonaire and Sint Maarten.

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The IFSF is a forum of international petroleum retailers with the common objective of harmonization of equipment interconnectivity and communication standards for use in the Petroleum Retail Business.

The IFSF’s approach is to work with established professional bodies such as CECOD, the pump/dispenser manufacturer’s trade association, and financial institutions, to achieve common standards and where possible adopt existing ones.

The IFSF also depends on support from suppliers to the industry and other organizations to participate in and benefit from IFSF standards.

To date IFSF has set many standards which have been adopted on thousands of forecourts in an ever increasing number of countries world wide.

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OrionTech provide consulting and programming services to IFSF (International Forecourt Standards Forum) since mid-2015, playing a key role participating in different activities:

  • Development of standards and guidelines: design rules for APIs oas3, API design rules for JSON, API implementation guide – security.
  • Design and implementation of a data dictionary which includes the specification of common sets of data (data types, elements and objects) to ensure consistent definitions across the different services.
  • Attendance to forums, workshops and meetings providing advice, result of the experience gained during more than 22 years working in the retail industry.
  • Design and programming of several REST APIs:
  • For the different forecourt devices: dispensers, tanks, price poles, car washes, etc.
  • For mobile, wet stock management, remote monitoring and control, site assets, etc.
  • Design and programming of simulators to test and certificate APIs.

Euro Garages (Germany)
2018 Biggest Project Ever

EG Germany
Cesar Cernuda

Complete Retail Network Outsourcing for more than 1000 service stations in Germany for EG:

  • Azure Retail DMZ Managed by OrionTech.
  • Hosting STE, StoreBook (400+ users), Spaceman, 2 CORS/Dealer SharePoint Portals (2000+ users), Active Directory and 2FA for remote management.
  • NO EG Personnel involved in Infrastructure maintenance/operation.
  • Manages more than 15K Price changes per day, feeding Fuels Pricing and Fairbanks with sales information.
  • Communication to sites (through Signal horn with Redundant VPN), Fuels Pricing, Fairbanks, EG Corp.
  • Leading Case for Microsoft in Latin America.

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OrionTech is the perfect example of how to implement a virtual data center for customers located on the other side of the globe.

This small IT consultant in Argentina did a big job in record time.

They conducted an entire migration process to #MicrosoftAzure remotely while managing to reduce costs.

OrionTech leads a remote large-scale “telemigration” to Azure for a customer in Germany.