Orion Tech is a company strongly committed with development and innovation, we have passion for technology and we are excited transforming and combining it to help to solve each one of our customers specific needs.

Our portfolio includes own solutions and the ones of most important vendors of the world, generating an integrated offer with high added value, which helps you and your company to have the most effective and efficient performance.


Customer-focused strategic consulting

Stand out for always working with commitment, responsibility, professionalism, focusing mainly on the needs of the customer and helping them to be successful in their business.

Have extensive experience, understanding and industry knowledge. We focus on strategic objectives and we manage time successfully.

Have the strongest commitment to be constantly innovating, updating ourselves in technologies, knowing the changes that occur in the computer industry and the trends in business.

The objective is that the client gets the best and effective advice.


Some of our consulting services

  • Actively participated in multiple Changes in Control associated to ExxonMobil sellout to third parties in Argentina, Chile, Switzerland, Brazil and Germany, providing consultancy services, migration work, transition and replacement applications.
  • Active participation in IFSF forums providing advisory and implementing forecourt standards for Europe industry.
  • Active participation on Industry Events: IFSF, Connexus, NACS, VeriFone.