Fuel Purchase Payment

Mobile application designed to pay your fuel purchases with a private prepaid card.

Main Features

  • User registration with an email address
  • User registration using social networks including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and Microsoft.
  • Application available for Android and IOS.
  • Interaction with fuel dispatch pumps.
  • Service station locator.
  • Dynamic card tokens.
  • Purchase and payment of fuel.
  • Balance and availability check.
  • Fuel purchase receipt
  • Track purchases made.

About Usability

Usability in mobile applications is one of the fundamental elements for their success. It is considered one of the most important factors in the quality of a software product.

Our application is effective, reliable and efficient. It is intuitive and the good organization of the elements in the design makes its usability simple, practical and safe.

It offers the user what they are looking for in a fast and simple way, satisfying the needs in the shortest possible time and without the need for the user to have great knowledge of its use or require a long learning process.

The mobile payment solution is capable of:

  • Interact with customers through the mobile phone.
    Android and IOS phones supported.
  • Allow users to register their cards in the phones, securely storing the card information.
  • Locate nearby sites on their phones including the list of products and services at the sites.
  • Once at the site, identify site and pump ID through a QR code.
  • Request amount to fuel.
  • Authenticate user using Biometric.
  • Request prepaid cards authorization.
  • Authorize transactions against card processor (Host).
  • Activate the pumps within VF Commander limiting the sale to a predetermined value or sale limit.
  • Collect actual sale amount.
  • Perform a completion for the transaction against card processor (Host).
  • Send the fuel delivery tickets over email and make them available at the phone application.
  • Transaction history report available within the phone app.
  • Close day with Commander and card processor (Host).

Solution Architecture

The solution architecture includes the following components:

Solution Architecture
  • Mobile Application

User will download a mobile application that will be used to register his card, locate sites and authorize transactions.

  • Payment FEP

The payment FEP will manage the transactions, communicating the mobile application, site system and vault to ensure correct transaction processing.

  • Vault

The vault will store the cards running separately from the FEP to enhance card data protection. The vault will connect to the card processor to authorize transactions, never sharing with the FEP and card information.

  • Card Processor (Host)

The card processor application will be responsible for authorizing each transaction and manage cardholder credit.

  • Site Application

The site application shall receive pump authorization requests from the payment FEP and will communicate with the pumps to authorize transactions and collect sales information.

Fuel Sale Process

Fuel Sale Process